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The Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Commission On
Human Rights

CCHR is a non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights.

CCHR was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and the internationally acclaimed author, Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the State University of New York, Syracuse. The Commission is now an international organization with more than 250 chapters in 34 countries. Its board of advisors, called Commissioners, includes doctors, lawyers, educators, artists, businessmen and civil and human rights representatives.

CCHR has established itself as a powerful women's rights and human rights advocacy group, and its work aligns with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Thousands of individuals contact CCHR each year to report psychiatric abuse and criminality, sexual abuse, false imprisonment, fraud, and inhumane treatment and conditions in psychiatric institutions. CCHR documents the abuse and helps the individual report the matter to the proper authorities.

For Further Information:

CCHR International
6616 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, USA 90028
(800) 869-2247


email: humanrights@cchr.org

CCHR of Connecticut
P.O. Box 17
Higganum, CT 06441
(860) 345-3997

Fighting for Children's Rights

 More Publications

Elderly Abuse-Cruel Mental Health Programs
Report and recommendations on psychiatry  abusing seniors

Chaos And Terror-Manufactured By Psychiatry
Report and recommendations on the role of psychiatry in international terrorism

Creating Racism-Psychiatry's Betrayal
Report and recommendations on psychiatry causing racial conflict and genocide

Eroding Justice-Psychiatry's Corruption of Law
Report and recommendations on psychiatry subverting the courts and corrective services


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You Can Help Eliminate
Psychiatric Abuse


The Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Raising Awareness

Education is a vital part of any initiative to stop the psychiatric abuse of women and the psychiatric mistreatment of the elderly, children, artists and other vulnerable members of society.

CCHR's publications provide more information on psychiatry's harmful influence on many sectors of our society and help open the public eye to dangers beyond the psychiatric couch itself. The following publications are available by calling CCHR International at (800) 869-2247.

The Real Crisis-in Mental Health Today
Report and recommendations on the lack of science and results within the mental health industry.

Massive Fraud-Psychiatry's Corrupt Industry
Report and recommendations on a criminal mental health monopoly

Psychiatric Hoax-The  Subversion of Medicine
Report and recommendations on psychiatry's destructive impact on health care

Pseudoscience-Psychiatry's False Diagnoses
Report and recommendations on the unscientific fraud perpetrated by psychiatry

Schizophrenia-Psychiatry's For Profit "Disease"
Report and recommendations on psychiatric lies and false diagnosis

The Brutal Reality-Harmful Psychiatric "Treatments"
Report and recommendations on the destructive practices of electroshock and psychosurgery

Psychiatric Rape-Assaulting Women And Children
Report and recommendations on widespread sex crimes against patients within the mental health system

Deadly Restraints-Psychiatry's Therapeutic Assault
Report and recommendations on the violent and dangerous use of restraints in mental health facilities

Psychiatry-Hooking Your World on Drugs
Report and recommendations on psychiatry creating today's drug crisis

Child Drugging-Psychiatry Destroying Lives
Report and recommendations on fraudulent psychiatric diagnoses and the enforced drugging of children

Harming Youth-Psychiatry Destroys Young Minds
Report and recommendations on harmful mental health assessments, evaluations and programs within our schools

Community Ruin-Psychiatry's Coercive "Care"
Report and recommendations on the failure of community mental health and other coercive psychiatric programs

Harming Artists-Psychiatry Ruins Creativity
Report and recommendations on psychiatry's assaulting the arts

Unholy Assault-Psychiatry Versus Religion
Report and recommendations on psychiatry's subversion of religious belief and practice

1) Report any cases of psychiatric abuse, crime or malpractice to your local chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

2) Encourage abused women to report psychiatric crimes committed against them to law enforcement agencies for prosecution.  CCHR is always willing to assist victims in filing their complaints.

3) Write your local congressman or senator and demand the following:

a) That psychiatric rape be declared a felony crime and be punished just like any other form of rape.

b) That the use of electro convulsive therapy (ECT) be banned.

c) That mandated insurance coverage for psychiatric services be rescinded, as insurance companies are being defrauded, including being billed for rape committed by psychiatrists.

d) That government funding to mental health research foundations such as the US National Institute of Mental Health be stopped for bogus research on women such as determining whether PMS is a mental illness.

4) Encourage anyone with apparent "symptoms of mental illness" to see a competent non-psychiatric medical doctor for full medical examination and treatment.


"CCHR has been responsible for many great reforms. At least 30 bills [now 90] throughout the world which would otherwise have inhibited the rights of patients, or would have given psychiatry the power to commit minority groups and individuals against their will, have been defeated by CCHR actions."

-United Nation's Human
Rights Commission, 1986

We should honor CCHR because it is really the organization that for the first time in human history has organized a politically, socially, internationally significant voice to combat psychiatry. This has never happened in human history before.

-Dr. Thomas Szasz 
Professor of
Psychiatry Emeritus
Feb. 1994


"I appreciate from my whole heart your project to become active and discuss openly and publicly the misuse of psychiatry and even the common sciences... just [as] in our time, disliked people [were] put away and put alive into graves, it is important that these conditions are pointed out and that all that is possible needs to be done to stop these crimes."

-Simon Wiesenthal, [translated]
Internationally renowned Nazi-Hunter
Nov. 1979

"Efforts by organizations such as yours are critical in the effort to protect individuals from abuses like those we uncovered in Texas and elsewhere in the nation."

-Senator Mike Moncrief
Texas, Feb. 1994




A Traveling Exhibition


A free tour through the history of psychiatry and an eye opening education on this menace to society.

Visit the CCHR web site for dates and locations of each of the eleven traveling exhibits.


When in Los Angeles, visit the permanent museum exhibit at:
CCHR International Headquarters,
6616 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
(323) 467-4242



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